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    Memory foam pillow

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    • Experience Total Sleep Bliss with Our Memory Foam Full Body Pillow

      Ultimate Comfort "Luxurious Comfort, All Night Long" Description: Embrace a world of unparalleled comfort as our Memory Foam Full Body Sleep Pillow cradles you in pure luxury. Designed for ultimate relaxation, it's the perfect companion for a night of rejuvenating sleep.

      Versatile Support "Customized Support for Every Sleeper" Description: No matter your sleep style – side, back, or stomach – our pillow's ergonomic design conforms to your body, providing the personalized support you need for a truly restful night.

      Innovative Features "Smart Design for Superior Sleep" Description: Immerse yourself in a sleep sanctuary with features like micro-beads for personalized shaping, keeping you cool all night, and a lightweight, portable design for comfort wherever you go.

      Easy Maintenance "Effortless Care for Lasting Comfort" Description: Our Memory Foam Full Body Pillow is not only a sleep essential but also easy to maintain with its machine-washable design. Experience lasting comfort with minimal effort.

      * 🇬🇧  N ° 1 Memory foam pillow recommended by the best osteopaths.

      Is your pillow a source of pain?

      In United Kingdom, 73% of adults wake up at least once during the night (source Istat).
      Neck and back pains are accentuated by an unsuitable pillow.
      90% of classic cushions are:

      • Too stiff, it causes pain and instability. 
      • Too soft, it causes muscle tension.
      • It accumulates heat, humidity and dust mites.

      Choosing the right pillow is essential for your health.

      Spend dream nights relieving your necks

      Morning neck pains can last all day and make people irritable and tired.In addition, they also cause back pain, sciatica, and numbness in the arms and legs. 

        A good night's sleep depends on a healthy sleeping position and above all on a good pillow.

      Because our pillow is the best solution to your pains:

      ✅  Our pillow has been designed to provide therapeutic support so you wake up recharged, fresh and ready to start the day.
      ✅   The unique and patented design of our pillow fits snugly around your head, neck and shoulders to provide better support and sleep quality.
      ✅  Relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs of the neck by aligning the cervical spine, distributes weight evenly and helps relieve upper back discomfort from long days at work.
      ✅  Keeps the airways aligned, ideal for reducing snoring.
      ✅  Better quality sleep  it will result in a reduction in stress and blood pressure.
      ✅ Anti-mite and hypoallergenic treatment. 

      ✓ Relieves and prevents neck pain

      Enough with the discomfort and pain caused by bad posture.Our pillow adapts perfectly to the morphology of your head.  This pillow has been specially designed for the therapeutic treatment of the spine.In this way the spine will remain aligned throughout the night, both on the side and on the back, improving the quality of sleep.

        ✓ Great for the whole spine

      On the back: The lumbar extension correctly supports the upper back.The cervical contour provides perfect support for the cervical vertebrae.The central cavity comfortably cradles the head.

      Blissful Cervical Pillow – The Blissful Gem

      ✓ Memory foam pillow

      Thanks to its innovative viscoelastic foam, the pillow perfectly adapts to the shape of your head and neck, relieving pressure points and promoting a natural sleep position. This can help reduce neck and shoulder pain and prevent headaches and migraines.

         ✓ Convenient and practical

      Lateral position: the neck and head rest comfortably and naturally on the raised sides, which adapt perfectly to the height of the shoulder.

      This allows you to keep the spine at the correct level.The side cavity is contoured and flexible for added comfort while sleeping on the side.

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